New Haven Education Law Attorneys

Representing Students and Families in Education Law

Children have a right to a free and quality education in the public school system. They also have other rights that must be fulfilled by their school district. At Pellegrino Law Firm, we are committed to protecting students' rights.

Our firm's New Haven education law attorneys represent and counsel families in issues involving school law and special education. We have sat on various education boards and boards for private high schools and colleges. Our understanding of how the other side works is effective in helping us protect families in education law.

Protecting Your Child's Rights in Disciplinary Issues

We offer experienced legal counsel to families with children at the center of student disciplinary proceedings for allegations of smoking and drug use, truancy, student dress code violations and behavioral concerns.

If your child has been suspended or expelled, contact our law firm today to discuss your student discipline concerns. We are committed to mitigating any potential damages, while seeking to protect your student's best interest. Our firm's education lawyers have extensive experience handling suspension and expulsion hearings before education boards, as well as in court proceedings. We will apply our years of experience and legal skills focused on developing an effective legal strategy.

Helping Families With Special Needs

At Pellegrino Law Firm, we are committed to representing parents with children who have special needs. Our law firm's education law attorneys help clients navigate through the complex legal system. We understand the regulations and procedures that parents must follow to obtain appropriate services for their children. We deal with a wide range of placement, programming and disciplinary issues, including:

  • Identification and evaluation of children with special needs
  • Design of appropriate programming
  • Behavioral assessments and behavioral intervention plans
  • Development and execution of individualized education programs (IEPs) or 504 plans
  • Independent educational evaluations
  • Alternative placements initiated by the school or parents
  • Least restrictive environment or mainstream placements

Whether your issue involves the application of the No Child Left Behind Act or the failure of a school to accommodate your child's allergy to peanuts or mold, we can advise you of your rights and advocate in your child's best interest.

Leading You Through the Legal Process

Understandably, parents can feel overwhelmed by the limited options available to them, while becoming frustrated in their attempts to make a cumbersome bureaucracy work in their child's best interests. At Pellegrino Law Firm, we are committed to helping your family navigate through the legal system. We can review the facts, present you with a recommended course of action and execute the plan well suited for your family.

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