Attorneys Providing A Wide Variety Of Business Representation

The Pellegrino Law Firm, P.C., has significant experience helping businesses achieve their goals. Some of the representation we provide includes:

Legal Services Regarding Contracts And Contract Formation

The Pellegrino Law Firm assists individuals, corporations, and institutions in contract formation, negotiation, administration, and restructuring.

Legal Guidance To Corporations

Our corporate practice group provides legal counsel to corporations from formation to dissolution. In forming corporate entities, we determine which type of entity is right for your company, such as incorporation, a general partnership, a limited partnership, or a limited liability company.

Helping Businesses With Formation, Administration And Business Transaction Matters

The Pellegrino Law Firm assists clients in the formation of stock and nonprofit corporations, as well as all related corporate and business transactions, such as buy-sell agreements, specially designed pension plans, profit-sharing plans, and corporate dissolution, consolidations, mergers and acquisitions.

Our firm also represents and advises clients with respect to the formation and administration of general partnerships, limited partnerships (including family limited partnerships), limited liability partnerships and limited liability companies.

Representation For Nonprofit And Tax-Exempt Organizations

The Pellegrino Law Firm provides a broad range of legal services to nonprofit organizations and tax-exempt organizations. We counsel entities such as: nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, churches, and government entities. Our services include: drafting articles of incorporation and bylaws pursuant to nonprofit bylaws; providing assistance from our tax attorneys to assist and review tax filings; and providing counseling on corporate governance issues and corporate formation.

Reach Out To Our Experienced Business Law Attorneys

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