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Mediation often the best option for family law matters

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Family law |

Going to court for a long and protracted divorce battle is often not in the family’s best interests. In fact, while some divorces are incredibly contentious, many couples split up because the marriage no longer works. This can be a matter of the spouses no longer being in love or pursuing new avenues in life. Often, they worked well together in raising a family but want more from life than a parenting partnership.

There may be matters that only can be settled by a judge, but many find it advantageous to use mediation for their divorce. There are different formats to this process, but it often is a matter of a couple and their lawyers collaboratively working out the details, including parenting plans, dividing assets, and other essential details unique to the marriage.

The benefits of mediation

There are several significant advantages to using mediation in divorce and other family law matters. Those most often cited are:

  • Minimizes conflict: Couples with children will remain coparents after the divorce, and it is often best if coparents maintain a good working relationship. Litigation can be quite contentious, leaving one or both sides feeling hurt. The hurt and anger can also adversely affect the children during this time of transition.
  • Takes less time: The courts are often backed up, particularly in 2020. Mediation allows the couple to work at their own pace to resolve all areas in dispute.
  • Less expensive: The quicker process means fewer expenses, which is a real benefit as the family shifts to supporting two households.
  • Enables couples to make their own decisions: Rather than allowing a judge to determine a parenting plan and other important details, the couple can develop their solutions that often have the best chance of working for them and the kids.
  • There is privacy: People tend to forget that the courts keep public records that anyone can access—many like keeping private the details of this delicate family matter.

Successful mediations often lead to successful divorces

Mediation often can provide a template for a working relationship after the divorce. This means less stress in their relationship with each other and the kids. Those planning to divorce can discuss the option of mediation when they speak with an attorney.