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Why do people choose divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Family law |

There are many reasons why couples in Connecticut and around the country may decide to end their marriages. These may include infidelity, emotional abuse or the fact that the relationship isn’t as fulfilling as it once was.

Any reason is valid

Of course, you shouldn’t stay in a stale or toxic relationship even if you can’t imagine living life on your own. Furthermore, it’s typically not a good idea to stay in a toxic relationship simply because you have children. In most cases, this will simply result in your kids growing up in a negative environment and teach them the wrong lessons about interpersonal relationships.

Abuse is grounds for divorce

When someone says that they have been abused, it’s tempting to imagine that person covered in bruises and scars. However, it’s also possible that a victim has gone through emotional, sexual or financial abuse. In most cases, these forms of punishment can have a significant impact on a person’s physical and mental health. If you are being mistreated by your partner in any way, it may be best to seek a divorce as quickly as possible.

Why infidelity often results in divorce

Infidelity often damages marriages because it breaks the trust that is so important to a successful union. Although it may be possible to work through the fact that your spouse cheated, you may not have the same bond with your partner again. It’s also possible that your spouse will engage in infidelity again at some point in the future. Ultimately, it may be best to simply move on instead of clinging to the memory of happier times.