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The Pellegrino Law Firm P.C. has been serving clients in Connecticut since 1929. If you need assistance, our experienced lawyers will guide you toward your goals. We serve as counsel in all areas affecting domestic relations, such as dissolution of marriage, child custody disputes, marital property division, alimony, post-judgment modification applications, enforcement of divorce orders, prenuptial agreements, paternity and mediation.

Dissolution Of Marriage

The decision to divorce is an emotional and difficult one. Divorce is one of the most stressful events a person can experience. Our family law and divorce lawyers provide professional support and personal attention to our clients throughout the process, including:

  • Division of property
  • Child support
  • Child custody cases
  • Alimony and other divorce-related issues

In addition, we are here to help when a divorce necessitates the sale of property, the restructuring of a business or the revision of your will and estate plan. Many are unaware, but after a divorce, you need to create a new will. This is to ensure beneficiaries are updated on insurance policies and in the will itself, and that all real estate is transferred to the correct people. The right attorney can make sure all paperwork is in order.

Offering Mediation Services In Family Law

At The Pellegrino Law Firm P.C., we are committed to helping clients resolve family law disputes through mediation. This is particularly beneficial for divorcing couples willing to collaborate together in reaching an amicable resolution. We have a strong background representing clients in mediation. We guide clients through the legal process while seeking to protect their best interests.

Advocating To Protect Your Child’s Best Interests

Our legal team is committed to working on behalf of children caught up in the legal system. We have experience serving as a guardian ad litem advocating to protect the children’s best interests. This is especially important in contested custody and visitation cases and other family law disputes. A guardian ad litem can be court-appointed or selected by the parents to represent their minor children.

Child custody, visitation and child support are some of the most critical issues concerning your divorce. Our attorneys recognize the numerous personal and emotional implications of these decisions on your family. We provide dedicated, caring and experienced representation in counseling you through the various options and legal procedures that arise throughout the process.

Post-Judgment Modifications And Enforcement Orders

Family needs or finances may change and require a modification of the court’s order. If you have lost your job or want to relocate with your child, it is important to discuss these issues with a lawyer. If either party fails to adhere to the court’s orders, there are also various procedures we can guide you through to obtain compliance, including seeking contempt motions through the court.

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