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Attorneys Protecting Your Child Custody And Visitation Rights

Even though you are no longer married, you both still love your children very much. At The Pellegrino Law Firm P.C., in Connecticut, we know what it takes to protect the best interests of your children, and we will work with you to do just that. We have been providing legal representation to clients in the New Haven area since 1929, and we are well-equipped to serve you and your family.

After your child custody agreement is created, it is still subject to modification if there are changes in your circumstances. Our New Haven family law lawyers at The Pellegrino Law Firm P.C., have the skills to properly advocate for you and protect your interests.

As a parent to your child, you have visitation rights that you are entitled to enforce. If you feel as though you are being improperly denied visitation, our legal settlement attorneys will fight to have your voice heard. Your children deserve to have quality time with their family, and their family is you.

If you are seeking a family law firm that you can trust to be there for you when you need professional child custody or visitation advice, please contact The Pellegrino Law Firm P.C. Call us at 203-572-1816