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Providing A Wide Variety Of Elder Law Services

As the elderly population grows, there is more and more concern about how they will pay for future medical needs. Our firm stays current with Medicaid laws to educate our clients so they can best plan for long-term care expenses while maintaining family assets. Since there is so much misinformation circulating among the senior citizen population, it has become one of our missions to educate our clients about Medicaid. There are limited planning techniques available, which everyone should take advantage of.

Helping You Preserve What Is Yours

No one should find themselves in the position where they have saved every penny they earned and spent it on nursing home care, while the patient in the bed next to them never spent a cent on their identical care, because they qualified for benefits at an earlier date. We help our clients to understand that the purpose of Medicaid is to provide medical care to indigent persons. Eligibility is therefore predicated upon the income and assets of the applicant. Because the program is for indigents, applicants are not permitted to have a substantial amount of assets.

We simplify the rules for our clients and make certain that they take advantage of every exception they are entitled to. We utilize gifting techniques so that our clients become eligible for Medicaid benefits without losing the family farm.

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