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Tips for working with a contentious ex regarding your children

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2024 | Family law |

Having to work with your ex to co-raise your children can be a difficult undertaking. It makes it even more challenging when your ex argues with you about everything related to the children.

Having a strategy for dealing with them so you can focus on your children will quickly become a priority. Consider some of these tips to help you determine how better to work with your ex with as little personal stress and negative effects on your child’s well-being as possible.

Prioritize clear and structured communication

Establishing clear and structured communication channels can significantly reduce conflict when dealing with a combative ex-partner. Opt for written communication through emails or co-parenting apps, which allows for thoughtful responses and provides a record of exchanges.

Specify discussion topics in advance when possible, stick to facts and avoid engaging in personal attacks or defensive language. This approach helps keep conversations focused on the children’s needs and reduces the opportunity for combative interactions.

Set boundaries and legal parameters

Setting clear boundaries is crucial in managing a relationship with a combative ex. Based on legal agreements or mutual understanding, determine what topics are open for discussion and which decisions fall under each parent’s jurisdiction. Sometimes, it may be necessary to revisit legal custody arrangements to establish boundaries that protect the children’s interests and minimize conflict.

Focus on the children’s best interests

Keep the children’s best interests at the forefront in every interaction and decision. This focus can serve as a guiding principle for navigating difficult conversations and making compromises. Remember, the goal is to provide a stable and loving environment for the children despite the challenges in the parental relationship.

A solid parenting plan can bolster the chance of avoiding conflicts, which can benefit the children since they won’t have to listen to their parents argue as frequently. Having a legal representative to assist with the development of your parenting plan can be beneficial because you’ll want to make sure that all relevant topics are covered and enforceable so that everyone is on the same foundational page.